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Goodyear Tyres

    The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was set up by Frank A. Seiberling in 1898. It is an American company which is based in Akron, Ohio. The company was named after Charles Goodyear, who was the first to discover the rubber vulcanisation process in the year 1839.

    At present, Goodyear tyres are manufactured for cars, SUVs, racing cars, aeroplanes, commercial trucks, light trucks, two-wheelers, farm equipment, bicycles, heavy earth-mover machinery, and so on.

    Owing to its popularity, Goodyear tyres are not difficult to find. You will find tyres from this company easily available. However, selecting the best among their wide range of models could be quite challenging. Our team has been specially trained to guide you thoroughly, so you make the correct choice of tyre for your vehicle.

    Innovation has been a perpetual goal for Goodyear Company. With its futuristic vision and able employees, Goodyear has managed to implement the following technologies:

    • Run-on-flat tyres
    • Efficient grip performance
    • Active corner grip
    • Active Braking system

    You can buy Goodyear tyres on the basis of performance, passenger or vehicle type. For example, under the passenger category of tyres, Goodyear manufactures the following designs:

    • Goodyear Assurance Duraplus 2
    • Goodyear Eagle Efficient Grip Tyre
    • Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2 Tyre
    • Goodyear Excellence Tyre
    • Goodyear Eagle NCTS Tyre
    • Goodyear Assurance Armorgrip Tyre
    • Goodyear DP Series Tyre
    • Goodyear Ducaro Hi-Miler Tyre
    • Goodyear GT3 Tyre

    We have all varieties of Goodyear car tyres to offer you at the best prices. Visit D & R Tyres now or call us for further details.

    If you are looking for SUV car tyres, Goodyear has the following options for you-

    • Wrangler Triplemax Tyre
    • Efficient Grip Performance SUV Tyre
    • Wrangler at Silenttrac
    • Goodyear Assurance Armorgrip Tyre
    • Wrangler AT/SA Tyre
    • Wrangler HP/AW Tyre

    You can also contact us to know about the warranty details of Goodyear tyres. Get access to the tyres near me and select the best for your car.

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