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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Tyres tend to lose about three psi of pressure each month. Additionally, the pressure in car tyres can also rise due to excessive heat generated from friction. Most passenger vehicles have a standard tyre pressure ranging between 30 psi and 35 psi, and maintaining this optimum pressure level is imperative for improved handling, driving comfort and safety. Therefore, our experts advise car owners to check their vehicle’s tyre pressure once every two weeks or at least once a month.

At D & R Tyres, we understand the importance of optimally inflated tyres for your on-road safety. Therefore, we provide free tyre pressure check Stanley.

Just drive down to our facility and get your car tyre pressure checked professionally. You do not require any prior booking; our experts use advanced pressure gauges and other modern tools to provide a quick and accurate pressure check.

What leads to changes in the tyre pressure?

The pressure of your vehicle’s tyres can change due to several factors. These include:

    • Temperature fluctuation: A rise or fall in the ambient temperature can affect tyre pressures. This happens because air expands at higher temperatures and contracts at lower temperatures.
    • Punctures and slow leaks; Punctures and slow leaks severely impact the tyre pressure.

Other reasons that are responsible for tyre pressure changes are:

  • Incorrect puncture repair jobs
  • Leaks in the TPMS valve
  • Rash driving on uneven surfaces
  • Using tyres of inaccurate sizes, etc.

Consequences of Driving on tyres with faulty air pressure

    • Underinflated tyres increase rolling resistance since they have a greater road-to-tyre contact. They exert additional pressure on the engine and increase fuel consumption.
    • Overinflated tyres significantly increase the braking distance and reduce the response time of the vehicle.
    • Tyres with inadequate pressure are susceptible to excessive wear and tear, thereby reducing their service life.
    • Faulty tyre pressure also increases the chances of punctures and blowouts.

Since these issues can affect your overall driving experience and safety, make sure to opt for a free tyre pressure check Stanley at our facility.

Most modern vehicles today are fitted with TPMS for monitoring the tyre pressure. Whenever the pressure falls 25% below the recommended level, the sensor alerts the car owners. However, these sensors can sometimes transmit incorrect information if the TPMS valve cannot determine when the tyre pressure drops. Thus, it would be best to always visit a trusted automobile service centre like us for a professional pressure check.

Why choose our services?

Our experts will first ascertain the recommended pressure level prescribed by the car manufacturer. Then, they will measure the existing pressure with pressure gauges and deflate or inflate the tyres accordingly, ensuring a safe and efficient drive in no time!

So, hurry up!

Get a free tyre pressure check Stanley from D & R Tyres today!