Posted on: 20 May, 2022
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Where should your new tyres go on your vehicle?

New tyres are recommended to go on the rear axle of your vehicle...

Why should new tyres go onto the rear axle of the vehicle?

  • All tyre manufacturers and safety experts recommend that, where practical, the best tyres should be fitted on the rear axle, irrespective of whether the vehicle is front or rear-wheel drive.

 Oversteer occurs with the worst performing tyres on the rear. This can be due to many reason, including:

    1. Poor quality tyres - budget tyres on the rear and better quality tyres on the front
    2. The age of the tyre - degradation of the compound, less ability to absorb energy
    3. Incorrect air pressures
    4. Low tread-depths, which could result in the inability to disperse water - potential for rear-end aquaplaning